Evertex Exterior  Masonry Coating - Never Need to Paint Again - Up to 20 times thicker than  ordinary paint!



Evertex is an Advanced Exterior Masonry Coating up to 20 times thicker than ordinary paint !!   Has a warranty of 10 years but will last up to 25 years! 

Completed projects range from private homes- shops- pubs- restaurants- hotels- schools and churches in Ireland since 1969.   Along with the decorative aspect, our coating protects and insulates!   Eliminate the effects of wind chill , cold bridging , penetrating dampness and condensation.

Showhouse Promotion Discount.  

Please contact us for a free - no obligation- survey and quotation- you may qualify for a Substantial Discount if you agree to partake in our Showhouse Promotion for 2021
Evertex Coatings