Evertex Exterior  Masonry Coating - Never Need to Paint Again - Up to 20 times thicker than  ordinary paint!


  • Advanced exterior textured masonry coating
  • Waterproofs and Insulates
  • Eliminiates the frequent need for repainting
  • Applied by our own highly trained staff
  • Uses high pressure spraying unit


  • Welds the coating to walls
  • Large choice of colours
  • 15 year warranty against chip flake or peeling
  • Will last 25 years
  • Coatings supplied by a manufacturer who operates under a management system certified to ISO 9001:2008


Why use Evertex?

Evertex is a superb heavy duty coating that has been manufactured since 1969. When applied it will give a minimum trouble free life of 15 years
Evertex is an Exterior Textured Masonry Coating up to 20 times thicker than ordinary paint depending on the surface its applied to and is totally flexible so will move with your building. 
We are authorised agents for Everlac textured masonry coatings, who are one of the world leaders in textured coatings. Evertex is an advanced exterior textured masonry coating that will not only transform your property, but will waterproof and insulate, thus eliminiates the frequent need for repainting.
Evertex is applied by our own highly trained applicators using a high pressure airless spraying unit, which virtually welds the coating to the walls of your home. Evertex can be applied to any surface and in any colour you prefer, most importantly it carries a 15 year guarantee against chip flake or peeling and will last 25 years.


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